E3 Missions

The Mission

"Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Matthew 28:19

The mission of Grace NM is the same mission Jesus gave his followers: to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Our mission is to glorify God among the nations by Establishing, Equipping, and Empowering (E3) vibrant, reproducing churches.

The Vision

with the members of Grace NM so radically in love with God that missions is a normal part of each person's life and our church’s culture. Our mission is to glorify God among the nations by establishing, equipping, and empowering (E3) vibrant, reproducing churches. Along with foreign missions we are called to local missions: caring for the poor, the homeless, and the destitute. The generations represented within Grace NM are increasingly united as each person gladly invests time, talent, and treasure to see our mission of “glorifying God at home and abroad” fulfilled.

throughout Mexico, Israel, and the other countries in our focus. As the Holy Spirit moves in power the greatness of Jesus Christ is revealed through miraculous signs and wonders; in response, many indigenous people put their trust in Jesus, becoming whole-hearted disciples and leaders in their local church. The mission partners in each of our focus areas are committed to making more disciples through evangelism and teaching.

flourishing churches with visions of planting other churches. These churches are committed to growing and equipping their members and training pastors and lay leaders to carry out the Great Commission.

as a member of Grace NM! Whether it’s here in Los Lunas, NM or across the globe, we want to make the name of Jesus famous by sharing and demonstrating the Good News of His amazing salvation and love. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with local and foreign missions at Grace NM.
What are you waiting for? Join us in the mission!

Missions Partners

Borjas, Mexico 🇲🇽

OSLM (Our Surrendered Lives Ministries)

Our mission is to provide basic needs to children in Mexico, who have been abandoned, children that because of special circumstances are in situations where the parents, or family cannot care for them. We want to create a safe haven, feed them, cloth them, attend to their medical needs, give them an education and teach them vocational trades, more important, we want to give these children the nurture and the love that every child in this world should have. Our vision is to link American citizens to children in Mexico who, with our help, will enable kids to develop into self-sufficient young adults, confident in the challenges that they will face on their own some day, help them have an understanding in values, as well as direction and purpose for their lives.

Haifa, Israel 🇮🇱

Tree of Life Ministries

In 2010, Ariel and Shayla Hyde returned to Israel and started using every opportunity possible to reach Israelis with the Gospel. Serving as part of Carmel Congregation and Kerem-El Congregation, they led many outreaches on Jewish holidays and multiple-day evangelistic events. Hundreds of Israelis experienced the love of Messiah and heard the Gospel for the first time. Meanwhile, they began holding workshops to equip believers in evangelism and worship. Ariel and his father Richard published the booklet “Supernatural or Just Remarkable,” now used widely in outreach in Israel.

Ariel and his friend, Eliel Fos, both sensed God calling them to share the Gospel on the streets, film the conversations, and post the videos online in order to reach many more Israelis. They are amazed how God has multiplied these simple efforts and caused the videos to reach over 10 million views, sparking countless conversations about Yeshua-Jesus on social media with seekers. As their team expands, the Lord continues to broaden their opportunities for equipping and outreach. Today, they mobilize Jewish and Arab believers in their area to share the Good News on the streets.

Ariel and his team’s hearts desire has always been to bring life to Israel. During a time of fasting and prayer, God surprised them by laying it on their hearts to help save the lives of children in the womb. They’re creating a video series and campaign to help end abortion in Israel, while also reaching those who’ve had abortions, with the message of grace and forgiveness found in Messiah.

Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

GCM (Global Catalytic Ministries)

Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM)
GCM is a disciple-making nonprofit organization that makes disciples in the darkest places and beyond, by using access ministry strategies that help meet needs and build relationships with the lost, loving the lost to salvation in Christ, coaching current believers through our disciple-making process which leads to launching church gatherings, and planting churches that create movement.

Saudi Arabia, with a population of nearly 35.94 million (CIA Factbook, 2023), predominantly Sunni and Shiite Muslims, presents a challenging environment for Christians, especially those converting from Islam. Apostasy is legally considered a capital offense. Despite these challenges, there's a growing interest in Christianity. For the first time ever, we have a Disciple-Making leader in the very heart of Islam, Mecca. GCM, which has been operational in Saudi Arabia since 2022, seeks to expand its team to enhance its disciple-making efforts and foster growth in the national church.

Impact Story
In 2023, 16 new Christian groups started. Recently, GCM's Saudi leader facilitated a meeting with a Muslim-background Saudi man who gave his life to Jesus, resulting in the new convert receiving a Bible and being baptized. This man said he never met a Christian in his life. This was one of the few baptisms recorded in recent Saudi History.

Potential Growth Opportunity
For the first time ever, we now have access to the heart of Islam in Mecca, with 2 million Muslims taking their pilgrimage here annually as their holiest place. The church is said to be growing 60% annually in Arabia, outpacing Iran and Afghanistan.

Tiptur, India 🇮🇳

Pastor Jacob Joy

India is the most populous nation on earth with over 1.4 billion people, less than 2% of whom are Christian. Pastor Jacob Joy and his wife Lizzy went to Tiptur, Karnataka, India as pioneer missionaries in 1995 when there were no known Christians in the area. Today, Pastor Joy is the Senior Pastor of CCCM, shepherding a 200+ member church and leading twenty-three other missionary pastors. Many are first-generation believers, as are most people in their churches. They go door-to-door and village-to-village sharing the Gospel in the face of opposition, beatings, and imprisonment. Despite these hardships, they are eager to expand their ministry to North Karnataka (four hours away) where there are still no known believers.
CCCM acts as the base station supplying the resources and biblical training missionary families need in the Word of God and evangelism. Thousands of Bibles have been distributed to new believers and more are continually needed. Monthly in-depth Bible trainings are held for pastors, and programs like women’s and youth’s conferences and VBS’s are hosted throughout the year. CCCM also runs a sewing center where women are taught skills to earn an income.
CCCM currently cares for over forty-seven Gypsy children and widows. During the Covid lockdowns in 2020, a group of Gypsies had to stop moving and settle off the side of a nearby road. Food packets were distributed to care for the Gypsies, as well as our brothers and sisters in Christ who could not go to work to earn money for food. After experiencing the love of God at CCCM the Gypsies stayed even after the lockdowns were lifted. Since then, CCCM has built a permanent community center to feed and educate the children, many of whom are orphans. The government is building homes for these families, so now CCCM’s Gypsy center forms the heart of a new Gypsy village.

E3 Local Outreach

While we recognize we are called to support foreign missions, we must also be the hands and feet of Jesus right here in Valencia County, NM and with the help of all our wonderful volunteers we are able to be just that.

To learn how we share the love of Christ locally, click the link below.