Our Leadership

Wendy Bersche


Office: (505)-865-4722

Hi, I'm Wendy Bersche, the head administrator of Grace Fellowship.

I have been on staff at Grace Fellowship for over 25 years serving as administrator. I always say, “Thank you, God for the best job I have ever had." However, it has never been a "job" for me, but instead, a ministry calling. The bulk of my experience in serving the church in the office, came from working in the hotel field alongside my father. I worked all kinds of jobs, from maid to manager and all jobs in between. I thrive in doing multiple tasks simultaneously and that is definitely something that I find myself doing on a daily basis at Grace Fellowship. I hope to work here many more years. In fact, I say that working Monday through Thursday with a 3 day weekend is about as “retired” as I ever want to be. 

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