Our Leadership

Kevin Sanchez

    Hi, I'm Kevin Sanchez, an elder of Grace Fellowship.

    My wife Cecilia and I began our new life together when we were married in June of 2017.  We have two adult daughters; Sonia and Mikayla.  After we were married, we have been actively seeking God’s direction on how we can be more involved in His works and advancement of God’s kingdom.  Some of our ministry interests are international missions, serving the local homeless with basic practical provisions, and serving in our community kitchen.  In and among these ministries is our heart felt calling to be prayer warriors for the lost, broken, and ill, as well as praying for spiritual strengthening of the body of Christ.  Things we like to do outside of work and church are spending time outdoors camping/fishing/hunting, gardening, crafting, working out in the yard, and spending time with family.

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