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Grupo Para Mujeres

Every Monday, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Location: Cristina Montoya's Home, 120 Avenida Jardin, Los Lunas, NM US 87031

Coordinator: Yolanda Orozco

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You may be familiar with the movie “Courageous.” If so, you might be thinking, ‘isn’t that the movie just for dads’? Well, this group of women is here to say that it’s not.

In that movie, four policemen had been trained to serve and protect. Yet at home they faced a related challenge that none of them was fully prepared to tackle: parenthood. As they came to grasp the full importance of their roles, those fathers drafted a serve-and-protect Resolution to honor within their families.

A mother has her hopes, fears, and fight of faith too. Many of them understand what it’s like to balance parenting and working outside the home. Yet both men and women must courageously fight to raise children in a God-honoring way, when it’s so easy to naturally gravitate towards other things that may come much easier.

So the members of this small group, ‘La Resolución,” have dedicated themselves to laughing, crying and cheering together as they are challenged and inspired to be the kinds of moms that make a lifelong impact on their children.  Their hope is as they share Biblical studies, prayers and experiences, they will blossom greatly as both friends and godly mothers!

(This group interacts in Spanish, but you don’t have to be fluent to join them!)

Mondays (lunes)/6:00 p.m./Cristina Montoya’s Home in Los Lunas

Contact: Yolanda Orozco 505.615.2028